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Sr. Simone Campbell shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

Living Waters

Impetuous me favors the passionate tumult of Spring
river flooding. Sensuous me favors the indolent
caress of Summer river flowing. Reflective me
favors the penetrating seep of Autumn river trickling.
Even aloof shy me favors the chilled reserve of Winter
river freezing. But, all of me resists evaporation.

I resist the sucking pulling warm air wresting
me from known boundaries. I resist drifting unseen
to unknown parts. I resist the uncertainty of unformed
floating yearning rather to surround rocks, carve
new paths. I resist the ambiguous foggy drift.
But luckily, at times, I am yanked into air. There

beholding earth’s
anguish: Weep!
Weeping, raining,
the beginning of an
exuberant Spring.

Sister SimoneSister Simone Campbell is the Executive Director of NETWORK. She is a religious leader, attorney and poet with extensive experience in public policy and advocacy for systemic change.


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Max Char 250
I lost my husband thirteen years ago my last sibling, my older sister in September. I’m the last of my family. I’m having a difficult time getting over her death. My husband was difficult but this was just as difficult in a different way.
Living Waters expresses beautifully how we feel at different times, seasons or just how we change with events that come our way.
Oh living water, flow over me!

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