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3-Minute Retreats
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3 minutos de retiro
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You can receive the 3-Minute Retreat year-round with a free subscription. Sign up below to have these peaceful prayer breaks delivered to your inbox every morning:
Caring For Each Othe...
Caring For Each Other
Glimmers of God
Glimmers of God
Looking in the Mirro...
Looking in the Mirror
Ears to Hear
Ears to Hear
Easter Vigil
Easter Vigil
The Gift of Faith
The Gift of Faith
Max Char 250
Thank you for providing these mini-retreats. It now only helps to keep me grounded but aids me in working with the children in my catechism class.
Thank you for the beautiful site. It is so peaceful and relaxing to start the day off. My Lutheran Pastor suggested it. It puts you in touch with God.
Thank you very much for providing these retreats. They are such a wonderful start to the day - helping me to reach out to God to bless my day.

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