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Loyola Press About Us

As a Jesuit ministry, Loyola Press embraces the Ignatian tradition of service through education, social justice, and nurturing a lived faith. To do this, Loyola Press provides books, resources, and other educational content to the Catholic school and parish markets. In addition, we produce spirituality books for adults, create resources such as retreats, webinars, and newsletters, and also host a variety of blogs that serve the larger Catholic community, in particular those interested in Ignatian Spirituality.

The work we do online and in the world—for children, adults, and faith formation—supports our efforts to help people find God in all things. We strive to create cohesive, thoughtful, and informative products with respect for all audiences.

Visit our Jesuit Ministry pages to learn more about the Ignatian Inspirations that are at the heart of the Loyola Press mission.