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Beatitude Prayers

Activity Objective:
The young people will review the Beatitudes and reflect on their meaning in their lives.
Lesson Outcome:
The young people should be able to identify the Beatitudes as the way to serve God's kingdom.
  • Construction paper (1 per young person)
  • Markers, crayons
  • CD player, instrumental music CD
  • Review the Beatitudes with the young people.
  • Explain that they will make Beatitude prayers or poems that are acrostics, using a key word from one Beatitude. They will make up a word or phrase from each letter of the Beatitude word.
  • Have them print and decorate their work on construction paper. Give some examples:

Open to God
Open to others

Please help me
Enjoy others
And see the good they
Can bring to life.
Even when I am
Moody or
Keep me calm
Enough to
Remember your law of love and
Serve others by bringing peace.

Learning Styles:
Self Smart,Word Smart
Approximate Time:
15-20  minutes
Playing instrumental music during this activity helps create a reflective atmosphere.

Have the young people write their acrostic first on scratch paper and then copy it onto the construction paper.