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Being, Knowing, and Doing

Helping Catechists Discover, Embrace, and Proclaim their Faith

Being Knowing Doing

“These are what workshops should be! I walked away with solid ideas, plans to implement, and the the comfort and knowledge to make them a reality. I have used what I learned and will continue to broaden our programs with the knowledge that was shared through this workshop. I would recommend that if you have an opportunity to attend one that you do so.”
–Roma Fauvel, Ste. Marguerite d’Youville Parish, Dracut, MA

The Being, Knowing, and Doing  workshop guides catechetical leaders through six mini-inservices that can be easily replicated for use in training parish catechists. The workshop facilitator will demonstrate how to creatively engage catechists and help them discover, embrace, and proclaim their faith more effectively.

Each of the inservices will demonstrate how to form catechists in three crucial dimensions: being, knowing, and doing.

Being: Formation that helps catechists to discover their vocation and to mature as people, believers, and apostles.

  1. Taking Your Spiritual Pulse: Help catechists pay attention to their spiritual life.

  2. Praying as a Grown-Up: Share simple methods for enriching your catechists' own prayer life.

Knowing: Formation that helps catechists embrace their faith by acquiring sufficient knowledge of the faith they are called to proclaim.

  1. A Little H.E.L.P.: Help catechists easily summarize the basic pillars of the Catholic faith.

  2. Which Saint Am I?: Encourage catechists to look to the lives of the saints for guidance and inspiration.

Doing: Formation that helps catechists more effectively proclaim the message of the gospel.

  1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Catechists: Show catechists how to focus on seven skills that enable effective catechesis.

  2. Entering through Their Door but Leaving through Your Door: Teach catechists how to follow a sound catechetical process.