Training Catechists and Teachers

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Training Catechists and Teachers

Start the year off right! Use any of the resources below to train your catechists and teachers for a successful year.

Training Webinar

The Webinars below, hosted by Joe Paprocki and Carrie Freyer, provide an overview of the Finding God program for grades 1-6. 

Finding God Webinar for Schools

Finding God Webinars for Parishes

Catechist Retreat

This retreat will help you train your catechists or teachers to use the Finding God program with confidence.

Catechist Retreat: Introducing Catechists to Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts  (for use with pages 21 and 22 of the Director Quick-Start Guide)

BLMs for use with the Catechist Retreat

Finding God in All Things (for use with page 6)

Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts Book Hunt  (for use with page 13)

Director of Religious Education Evaluation Form (for use with page 30)

Catechist Sharing Form (for use with page 30)

Catechist Covenant (for use with page 30)

Implementation Video

The Finding God Implementation Video provides an overview of the program and walks the viewer through a session.

Skip to a specific section of the video:

Overall Structure (1:02)

Catechist & Teacher Preparation (1:43)

Unit Opener (2:37)

Session Opener: Engage (3:33)

Explore (4:06)

Explore Further: Art Print (5:39)

Reflect (7:48)

Respond (9:34)

Online Resources (10:43)