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Family Fun

Hours of family fun and faith-talk are just a click away!

When you click the button below, a random question will pop up to spark fun and creative family conversations. Below each question you’ll find a family faith tip related to the general theme of the question, followed by a short, original prayer that families can pray together.

Encourage everyone in the family to share his or her answer to the question, and talk about how the faith tip might be applied to your family life. Use the question, tip, and prayer as unique opportunities to grow together as a family.

Although this resource can be used just about anywhere, you may find it especially effective and enjoyable at the dinner table. With nearly 50 questions, faith tips, and prayers at your disposal, mealtime will never again be mum time! Have fun together as a family!



The Meal Box If you enjoy this question and faith tip, check out 54 more from The Meal Box by Bret Nicholaus and Tom McGrath.
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A Monthly Saints Calendar to Encourage Conversation!


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