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God Loves Us Parish Lesson Planning

Parish Lesson Planning


Plan and customize your lessons for God Loves Us. These lesson plans are written for a weekly parish program. All lesson plans are provided in Microsoft Word format and can be modified as needed and saved to your personal computer. Links to the Blackline Masters, Spanish family pages, and crafts are in PDF format and may take a moment to load.

Unit 1
     Chapter 1: Welcomes Are Good
     Chapter 2: Names Are Good
     Chapter 3: Stories Are Good
     Chapter 4: God's World Is Good
     Chapter 5: Quiet Is Good
     Chapter 6: Talking to God Is Good
Unit 2
      Chapter 7: Families Are Good
     Chapter 8: I Am Good
     Chapter 9: Growing Is Good
     Chapter 10: Thanking Is Good
     Chapter 11: Preparing Is Good
     Chapter 12: Choosing Is Good

Unit 3
      Chapter 13: Shepherds Are Good
     Chapter 14: Hearts Are Good
     Chapter 15: Hands Are Good
     Chapter 16: Being Sorry Is Good
     Chapter 17: Church Is Good
     Chapter 18: Meals Are Good

Unit 4
      Chapter 19: Seeds Are Good
     Chapter 20: Butterflies Are Good
     Chapter 21: Light Is Good
     Chapter 22: Celebrating Is Good
     Chapter 23: Air Is Good
     Chapter 24: Joy Is Good
     Chapter 25: Life Is Good

Special Seasons
     Lesson 1: All Saints Are Good
     Lesson 2: Advent Is Good
     Lesson 3: Christmas Is Good
     Lesson 4: The Wise Men Are Good
     Lesson 5: Lent Is Good
     Lesson 6: Easter Is Good
     Lesson 7: Pentecost Is Good

Special Days
     Lesson 8: Jesus Our Light Is Good
     Lesson 9: Mary Is Good
     Lesson 10: Saint Joseph Is Good
     Lesson 11: The Holy Family Is Good
     Lesson 12: Angels Are Good
     Lesson 13: Saint Thérèse Is Good
     Lesson 14: Saint Francis Is Good
     Lesson 15: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Is Good
     Lesson 16: Saint Nicholas Is Good
     Lesson 17: Saint Bernadette is Good
     Lesson 18: Saint Valentine Is Good
     Lesson 19: Saint Patrick Is Good
     Lesson 20: Saint Julie Billiart Is Good
     Lesson 21: Our Lady of Guadalupe is Good
     Lesson 22: Mary Our Mother in Heaven is Good