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Honoring Jesus with a Gift of Prayer

Activity Objective:
To examine the ways in which we celebrate the Epiphany, honoring the day that Jesus was revealed to the world
Lesson Outcome:
The children will be able to explain Epiphany as the day we celebrate how Jesus was revealed to the whole world.
  • Unlined index cards or colored paper
  • Poster paper
  • Pencils, pens, crayons, and markers
  • Say to the children: During Epiphany, we remember the joy that greeted Jesus' birth. The Magi brought gifts to honor Jesus. We can honor Jesus with a gift as well.
  • Invite the children to share the ways in which we can honor Jesus. Remind them that when we serve others, we are serving Jesus.
  • Provide each child with an index card or colored piece of paper, a pencil, and coloring utensils.
  • Ask the children to honor Jesus with the gift of a special prayer. Encourage the children to welcome Jesus and his teachings into their lives.
  • Have the children write their prayers on the index cards and then decorate around the prayers.
  • When the children have completed their prayer cards, invite them to brainstorm ways they might honor Jesus with a gift at home with their families.
  • Write their ideas on large poster paper. If necessary, suggest family prayer, a special meal, serving others in need of food and clothing, and so on.
  • Next, encourage the children to refer to the list as they choose a way that they would like to honor Jesus with their families. Have them write these ideas on the other side of the prayer cards.
  • Encourage the children to share their prayers at home with their families.
Learning Styles:
Art/Space Smart,People Smart,Word Smart
Approximate Time:
20  minutes
Tell the children that they will be creating special prayer cards for a celebration of Jesus at home with their families.