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A Guide to Jesuit Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality

Help for reading this eBook from Loyola Press

Which file format is right for me?

Decide how you want to read this free eBook and then download the correct format:

MAC users: To download, hold ctrl and click the link, then choose "Save As" to begin downloading your file.

A Guide to Jesuit Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality

Laptop or desktop computer Download the ePub file
iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch Download the ePub file
Kindle Download Mobi file and load it on your Kindle
Android device Download the ePub file
Sony Reader Download the ePub file
Windows 7 device Download the ePub file or Mobi file
Other devices? Download the ePub file
Acrobat Download pdf


Can I lend this eBook to another person?

You may lend this eBook to another person, provided that you do not retain any copies of the book after you lend it.

What are the different formats?

.mobi files are supported by Amazon via the Kindle family of reading devices and on other devices via the Kindle reading app.

ePub is the IDPF's open standard for reflowable content. It is supported by most devices and readers, among them the free Adobe Digital Editions application, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Sony Reader device.

How can I read this book on my computer?

Once you’ve downloaded the ePub file, open it with your preferred ePub reading software. Adobe Digital Editions is a popular and free option.

How can I read this book on my mobile device or eBook reading device?

You will need to “side load” the ePub or Mobi file onto your device (see the chart above for which file type works best for your device). Side loading simply means loading the file directly onto the device, rather than downloading it from a retail service, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. There are many ways to do this, and an Internet search for your device and “side load” may provide useful instructions. Here are some general instructions on how to side load. The details may vary depending on your device.

If your device has Internet access, use your device's browser to navigate to the Loyola Press website and the download link for the file. Download the ePub or Mobi file, preferably with a Wi-Fi connection. Your device should then open the file with the appropriate reading app or ask you which app you’d like to use. iBooks is a free and popular option on iOS devices. Aldiko and Bluefire are popular Android reading apps.

If your device does not have Internet access, you will likely need to first download the appropriate file to your computer. Then connect your device to your computer using the USB cord that came with it. Use the computer to move the file to your device. See your device instructions on the particulars of how to do this.

What if I prefer to use the Kindle app on my non-Kindle device (e.g., iPad, Android phone, etc.)?

You can also use a Mobi file on any device that supports a Kindle reading app. Follow the instructions above for side loading an ePub file, but use the Mobi file instead. Your device should open the file in the Kindle app if you have it installed. Note that you if you use multiple devices with the Kindle app (iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc.) you will need to load the Mobi file on to each of those devices manually.


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