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My Life with the Saints Book Extras

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My Life with the Saints opens the door to the life of Fr. Jim Martin and his relationship with the saints of Christian history. Click on the buttons above to enhance your experience of this best-selling book.

Max Char 500
Thank you for a life-changing book. I've been a Catholic since birth but struggle with many stances of the Church. To think of the canonized saints as humans who also had struggles with the church authority and practices allows me to recommit and remain faithful while still being true to my conscience. I'm inspired to learn more about the saints, esp those who followed the vocations of marriage and parenthood. Surely they are there, but are they recognized by the Church?
"My Life with the Saints" sparks a desire to learn more about various saints with the hopes of inspiring me to be myself and strive for sainthood within the skin God has provided me. Thank you. Many of the faithful do not seem to understand the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist; Stephen coming to mass was great, adding that he received communion to the story might lead to belief that it is ok to receive communion when in sin. God Bless, Dcn Bob
Fr. Jim, I could not say in my first message what I wanted to say with limited Char. Please know I am grateful for the insight your book provides to help me better prepare for the many times I am called on to counsel people on a variety of issues knowing that God can fill in where I lack and use the limited gifts I possess. (Still not enough room) God Bless, Deacon Bob