Christmas Resources

Christmas Resources

The Christmas season includes the celebrations of Jesus' birth and his becoming known to the world, Christmas and Epiphany.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. This celebration lasts until the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. On the Epiphany (a word that means “to show” or “reveal”), we celebrate Jesus' being revealed to the whole world, which is represented by the Magi.

Sunday Connection—Background and Activities in Preparation for the Christmas Scriptures

These resources are provided to help you and your family or faith formation group to better understand the Gospel message and grow in your faith.

Christmas Resources to Browse

Finding God under the Christmas Tree

Holy Days of Obligation

Blessing the Family Christmas Tree

Making Room for God

Books for the Season


The Christmas Play: A Fable for the Holidays
By Carol Lynn Pearson

Skilled storyteller and best-selling author Carol Lynn Pearson captures the true spirit of Christmas in these heartwarming holiday parables.


A Catholic Woman's Book of Days
By Amy Welborn

The only book of days written and designed especially for Catholic women.


A Gift for the Christ Child: A Christmas Folktale
By Linda Schlafer/Illustrator Anne Wilson

This charming story based on a South American Christmas Folktale, offers a heartwarming message about the importance of giving. There is a lesson of generosity and sacrifice that is so important in the Christmas season.