Catechetical Sunday

Catechetical Sunday

Each year, the Catholic Church in the United States designates the third Sunday in September as “Catechetical Sunday”— a day on which to celebrate and pray for the Church’s mission to teach the Gospel to all people.

This year’s theme is “Prayer: The Faith Prayed.”

As a catechist, you are responding to a call to share the gift of faith with others, even as you deepen your own faith. This call may have reached you through your pastor, the director of your parish’s religious education program, or through your role as a Catholic school teacher. But know that this calling ultimately comes from God whose Holy Spirit inspires and guides you.

Take a few moments to pray in thanksgiving and ask for the grace to serve in your vocation as a catechist with a special 3-Minute Retreat for Catechists.

Resources for Catechists and Catholic School Teachers

A Prayer for Catechists

Catechist’s Journey

What’s Up with Catechetical Sunday?

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Planning and Activities

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Authors Share Their Catechetical Influences

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Articles and Prayers

3-Minute Retreats

Introducing Children to the Gift of Prayer

Children’s Prayers

Contemporary Prayers

Personal Prayer Life

Traditional Catholic Prayers

Ignatian Prayer

Leading Prayer Series by Joyce Donahue

The Spiritual Life of Catechists: Personal Prayer by Joyce Donahue

Share Prayer: Breaking the Culture of Silence by Julianne Stanz


Prayer Song for Children

Growing in Prayer Activity

Prayer Book Activity

Family Prayer Box

Creating Prayers of Petitions

Creating a Class Prayer Quilt

Feeling the Spirit in My Prayer

Prayer Pictures Activity

Glory and Praise