Activities and Prayers for the Papal Transition

Activities and Prayers for the Papal Transition

Help your students learn about Church leadership as we pray for Pope Benedict XVI in his retirement, the cardinals as they select the next pope, and the entire Catholic Church during this period of transition.

Church Leadership Worksheets

Roles in the Church (Answers

Leading—Jesus’ Style (Answers)

An Apostolic Church (Answers)

Jesus is with Us in His Church (Answers)

God Speaks to Us Through the Church (Answers)

St. Peter, the First Pope

Jesus’ Message to Peter (Answers)

Who Is Saint Peter?

Peter and the Church

Chair of Peter

Have your students learn about individual popes with the activity, Meet a Pope.

Prayers for the Church

3-Minute Retreat: A Rock-Solid Faith

Child’s Prayer for Religious Leaders

Prayer to the Holy Spirit