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Canonization of John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Releasing Pigeon/ © Reuters/CORBIS

The ceremony for the canonization of John Paul II took place in 2014. To celebrate this event, Loyola Press offers resources on his life and gifts to the world.

The magnitude of Pope John Paul II's accomplishments, and the sheer volume of his writings, can obscure a crucial fact about him. Within this great man—world statesman, theologian, philosopher, church leader—beat the heart of a pastor. John Paul II knew something about how men and women could find God. He understood much about how the power of God can be released in our lives. His supreme desire was that we come to embrace a faith that transforms the way we live, the way we relate to other people, the way we work.

John Paul II left us a legacy of hope and peace that we remember as we celebrate the canonization.


Biography of John Paul II

Biographical Sketch and Timeline

Pope John Paul II Was Influenced by Pope John XXIII

Pope John Paul II Lesson Plan


Selected Writings of John Paul II

A Final Blessing

Holy Spirit and Seat of Wisdom: A Prayer by John Paul II

A Few Lessons for Living

On the Eucharist and the Mass

Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe


Related Books from Loyola Press

Go in Peace

Go in Peace: A Gift of Enduring Love
By John Paul II


John Paul II speaks from the heart about what matters most to him—and to us.

John Paul II: Lessons for Living

Lessons for Living
By John Paul II


Pope John Paul II imparts words of wisdom, inspiration, and love in one hundred meditations on living the Christian life.



Brief Articles on Some of John Paul II’s Teachings

Pope John Paul II and His Message of Forgiveness

Pope John Paul II and Young People

John Paul II and the Environment

A Call to Holiness

Faith and Science

Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

Holy Family

How Catholics Understand Suffering

Mysteries of Light


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