A Book of Lenten Prayers

A Book of Lenten Prayers


A Book of Lenten Prayers emphasizes the graces of Baptism and Penance, offers traditional Catholic devotions and prayers that are still relevant and meaningful today, and gives insight into the rich treasury and history of Lenten prayers. This is a concise but complete collection of the best Lenten prayers compiled by esteemed prayer-book author, William G. Storey.

A Book of Lenten Prayers offers a comprehensive collection of vibrant, moving prayers that can be prayed individually or in groups during Lent. These prayers will enrich readers’ experience of Lent and help them grow closer to Christ during this most reflective and solemn time in the Church year.

William G. Storey 

William G. Storey was professor emeritus of Liturgy and Church History at the University of Notre Dame.

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