Close to the Heart

Close to the Heart

A Guide to Personal Prayer


“Through this book I hope to help you explore some ways of becoming more aware of “God’s footprints in the sidewalk”; if we follow them, they will lead us close to the heart of our own being and that of all creation.”

—Margaret Silf

Close to the Heart is a comprehensive guide that opens a world of imaginative yet simple ways to approach personal prayer. Breaking through boundaries and stereotypes, best-selling author Margaret Silf shows personal prayer to be a journey into reflective living as she invites readers to experience prayer as a natural, organic process. Silf's stories and suggestions, drawn from contemporary life, are solid and practical. She explains, “This book sets the scene for deep personal prayer by suggesting ways of inner stillness and reflective living. It tempts the reader to search for 'clues to the kingdom' on the sidewalks of his or her own hometown."

Margaret Silf discusses Ignatian Spirituality with Paul Campbell, SJ.

Margaret Silf 

Margaret is passionate about making Christian spirituality, and especially Ignatian spirituality, accessible to people with no theological background. She travels widely as a speaker and retreat director.

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