Dante to Dead Man Walking

Dante to Dead Man Walking

One Reader's Journey through the Christian Classics


What do the book of Genesis, the Second Inaugural Address, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X all have in common? According to author Raymond Schroth, they are all works worthy of being called classics of Christian literature. In Dante to Dead Man Walking, Schroth discusses fifty works—from books of the Old Testament to contemporary works of fiction and nonfiction—that challenge the social conscience and raise moral or religious issues in a provocative way. The fifty spiritual classics presented in this book are all united by religious themes, be they explicitly Christian or expressive of a broader system of ethics. Schroth puts books in the context of the author's life, work, and times; summarizes the main ideas; relates them to the religious issues of the twenty-first century; and occasionally relates them to stories of his own personal experience.

Raymond A. Schroth, SJ 

Raymond A. Schroth, SJ, is a Jesuit priest, journalist, and Jesuit Community Professor of Humanities at Saint Peter's College.

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