I Am with You Always

I Am with You Always

The Notebooks of Nicole Gausseron: Book Three


From the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, Nicole Gausseron, a Catholic woman in France, recorded in her “little notebook” her talks with Jesus. Her chronicle of these talks does not include special revelations or visions; rather, it is a simple reporting of one woman’s conversations with God and how Jesus seeks a deeply personal relationship with those who believe in him.

I Am with You Always is the final book in a three-book series by Gausseron. In this book, the author struggles with Jesus’ seeming absence, questions God about eternity and death, comes to a deeper understanding of suffering, grieves the deaths of her husband and father, and rejoices in the birth of her first grandchild.Through everything, Gausseron learns that talking to Jesus is what enables her to make sense of what she is experiencing.

Nicole Gausseron 

Nicole Gausseron lives in Chartres, France, where she directs the Compagnons du Partage, a shelter and workplace for homeless men she founded in 1981.

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