Pastoring Multiple Parishes

Pastoring Multiple Parishes


The priest shortage is resulting in changes in the church. The most common solution to the shortage of priests in the United States is multiple-parish pastoring—that is, having one pastor serve the needs of two, three, or more different parishes at one time. Because it is so widely implemented, there are plenty of inspiring success stories to be shared and helpful examples of pitfalls to be avoided when dealing with changes in the church.

In Pastoring Multiple Parishes, readers discover what works and what doesn’t when parishes must turn to the method of multiple-parish pastoring. Above all, authors Mark Mogilka and Kate Wiskus help Catholics see that this particular change in the chuch is not something to be dreaded, but rather it is a wonderful opportunity for future stability and growth of the Faith.

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Mark Mogilka and Kate Wiskus 

Mark Mogilka and Kate Wiskus are published authors with Loyola Press.

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