Shaping Catholic Parishes

Shaping Catholic Parishes

Pastoral Leaders in the 21st Century


Changes in the Catholic Church are happening fast. As a result of these changes in the Catholic Church, new organizational models are emerging: clustered parishes, large “mega-churches,” one pastor overseeing multiple parishes, lay leadership.

Shaping Catholic Parishes looks at the changes taking place in the Catholic Church from the pastoral leader’s point of view. Twenty-two priests, deacons, religious, and lay people share first-person accounts of their experiences serving as pastoral leaders in new situations and new roles. Their inspiring and instructive stories deepen the reader’s understanding of changes in the Catholic Church and the resulting challenges of twenty-first century parishes.

The Changing Face of Church
The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders
Parish Life Coordinators
Pastoring Multiple Parishes

Carole Ganim 

Carole Ganim teaches English at Miami University in Middletown, Ohio. She holds a PhD in English literature from Fordham University.

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