Toward an Adult Church

Toward an Adult Church

A Vision of Faith Formation


Penance. Confirmation. Eucharist. Children participate in these sacraments, and many other Catholic rites, thanks to America’s long-standing model of parish catechesis. Once children become adults, however, what becomes of their faith formation?

In Toward an Adult Church: A Vision of Faith Formation Jane Regan explores the current structure of parish catechesis. Basing her ideas on contemporary theory and traditional practice, Regan sets forth an intriguing argument: the vitality of the Church depends on establishing a new education paradigm—one that is focused on adults.

How can parishes design a framework for adult catechesis? Will such programs be accepted by local church communities? Where does children’s faith formation fit into the new structure? Regan answers these questions and offers ideas for developing a balanced approach to religious education—one that addresses the ongoing faith life of adults.

Jane E. Regan 

Jane E. Regan is a member of the theology faculty at Boston College, teaching in the Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry.

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