With Bound Hands

With Bound Hands

A Jesuit in Nazi Germany: The Life and Selected Prison Letters of Alfred Delp


The Nazi persecution of Jews is well documented, so when we think of Nazi persecution in World War II, we often think of the suffering Jewish people. In With Bound Hands, we get a glimpse of Nazi persecution against Christians as we witness the imprisonment, and ultimate death, of Nazi resister and Jesuit priest Alfred Delp.

With Bound Hands by Mary Frances Coady tells of Fr. Delp's struggle to maintain his faith in the face of imminent death. During Delp’s six-month incarceration and persecution at the hands of the Nazis, he writes of his fear, sadness, and anger, and then of his transformation from an “unholy character into a saint.” Delp ultimately reflects on his love of God, sense of peace, and surrender prior to his execution.

Mary Frances Coady 

Mary Frances Coady is a freelance writer and teacher. She is the author of four other books, including The Hidden Way: The Life and Influence of Almire Pichon and three books for children and young adults.

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