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Random MOMents of Grace
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Random MOMents of Grace

Experiencing God in the Adventures of Motherhood
ISBN 978-0-8294-3840-6
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Paperback
152 Pages
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“The mystic Meister Eckhart said ‘we are all meant to be mothers of God.’ You don’t need to be a mother of children to benefit from the spiritual wisdom in Random Moments of Grace. Female or male, married or single, you will learn to birth love moment by moment, and bless the world with gratitude. I love this book, and so will you."
– Michael Leach, author of Why Stay Catholic?

Before Ginny Kubitz Moyer became a mother, she spent a lot of quiet time with God. But the moment she became a mom, those deeply meaningful times of serenity all but disappeared, raising a critical question: How do you maintain an active spirituality when your life is consumed by the nonstop mayhem of motherhood?

In Random MOMents of Grace, Moyer helps mothers realize that their spiritual lives don’t have to stagnate even though most of their time is now spent in a world of playpens and playgrounds. In fact, Moyer contends that all that wiping of noses and reading of bedtime stories can lead to some pretty amazing spiritual growth.

For any mom wondering if it’s possible to be fully engaged in the lives of her children without sacrificing her spirituality, Random MOMents of Grace offers a definitive “yes” as it shows moms how to see God’s grace at work in even the silliest, messiest, and most frustrating moments of motherhood.

Ginny Moyer and Vinita Hampton Wright discuss Random Moments and the trials of being a mother.


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