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Here you will find 10 additional saints and spiritual practices that do not appear in the book. Learn what Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos had to say about mercy, what Pope Paul VI had to say about witnessing, and what St. John Baptist de la Salle believed we should do in order to carry out acts of kindness to our neighbors. Each of the entries is in the saint’s own words, giving you the opportunity to see directly into the saints’ own hearts and minds.

Max Char 500
We at St. Bernadette in Clear Lake, Houston, Tx are using this text in a bible study - of course, also as a testament of our FAITH - and find the insights of the Saints and the author of great interest and instruction...j.Weeks
I love how this addresses a very real attitude/temptation to feel that we are too busy. It doesn't speak down to lay people, but acknowledges the very real battle that is faced daily, often unaware and further encourages us to find sustenance, health and healing in God's word.
Such a good reminder for us all - that we should not judge others harshly, as we are imperfect ourselves. Though being kind to those we dislike or who make life difficult for us is truly difficult, it is still the best Christian thing to do. God bless us all.