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Note: Loyola Press will be closed beginning Wednesday, December 24th through Sunday, January 4th.  All orders placed during that period will ship beginning Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Order early to avoid shipping delays. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Customer Testimonials

“Excellent. Very pastoral, a boost to faith sharing, reaches the head and the heart, and not very costly. As a priest for 33 years, this is the best yet.”

—John Kane, Pastor, St. Mary’s Parish, Alabama

“A wonderful way to include Scripture in daily life.”

—Anne Kirms, Bible Study Leader, Holy Innocents Parish, New Jersey

“It slows me down to think, reflect, and apply what Scripture says and incorporate it into my prayer life.”

—Carol Patterson, DRE, St. Stephen Church, Arkansas

“It seems to meet almost everyone’s needs regardless of where they are in terms of Bible use.”

—Anne Kidwell, DRE, St. Mark Church, Maryland

 “One of the most versatile series done. I have used it with Bible study groups, Renew groups, and Cursillo groups. Excellent materials that offer depth without threatening the beginner.”

—Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Hubert Church, Minnesota

“The experienced-based questions encourage discussion. They immerse participants in attentiveness to the Word. I feel great questions are the key to small community success.”

—Adult and Family minister, St. Mary Parish, Wisconsin

“Con esta serie el ministro tiene a su alcance un medio excelente para su formaci?n que le lleva a ejercer un discipulado genuine en sue parroquia, tan auténtico como el de los discípulos en el relato de Marcos.”

—Ministro pastoral, Parroquia San Román, Chicago

“Seis semanas con la Biblia brinda a los fieles una oportunidad para encontrar a Cristo en la Escritura y de alimentarse con su Palabra.”

—Pastor, La Purísima Concepci?n, California

“Seis semanas con la Biblia me recuerda mi compromise con los pobres, que en mi caso, son los inmigrantes, y quienes no conocen el idioma ni la forma en la que opera el sistema.”

—Bilingual liaison, Mendocino County Office for Education, California