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Commandment Booklets

Activity Objective:
The young people will review the Ten Commandments by teaching them to younger children.
Lesson Outcome:
The young people should be able to identify practical ways to act on God's invitation to everyday living.
  • Half-sheets of paper (11 per young person)
  • Stapler
  • Markers, crayons, pencils
  • Explain to the young people that they will be making booklets about the Ten Commandments for a younger grade.
  • Each page will feature one commandment. It will include the commandment, its meaning in simple, age-appropriate language, and art.
  • When the booklets are finished, arrange an appropriate time for the young people to present them to the younger children.
Learning Styles:
Art/Space Smart,Word Smart
Approximate Time:
25-30  minutes
Ask a teacher or catechist from a lower grade in advance if you can partner with them. Find out the number of children in the group and adjust, if necessary.

Prepare a sample booklet to show the young people.

To save time, you may wish to prepare the booklets in advance. The booklet can be made out of 11 half-sheets of paper stapled together. The top page would be the cover.