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Below you will find some wonderful resource pages from Loyola Press. Each site features inspiring articles, engaging activities, and interactive opportunities around liturgical themes and ministry topics.

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 Parish Ministry

3-Minute Retreat

3-Minute Retreats invite you to take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage.

Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat. After each screen, a Continue button will appear. Click it when you are ready to move on. If you are new to online prayer, the basic timing of the screens will guide you through the experience. 

Acerca de los Retiros de 3 minutos

Cada retiro de 3 minutos te invita a tomar un descanso dedicado a la oración mientras estás enfrente de tu computadora. Toma una breve pausa para reflexionar en silencio sobre un pasaje bíblico. 

Intergenerational Catechesis

Faith formation is a lifelong endeavor. Intergenerational catechesis invites parishioners of all ages to learn about their faith and celebrate together. Browse this section to find intergenerational parish events and resources.

Sunday Connection

God speaks to us in many ways, including through the Sunday Scripture readings. The Sunday Connection provides useful background and activities to better understand the upcoming Sunday's Scripture readings, helping you to connect the Scripture to daily life in a meaningful way.

 Liturgical Years

Lenten Resources

The season of Lent is a special time of prayer and preparation. Explore these activities, events, and books to make the most of your Lenten journey.

Cycle A: The Gospel of Matthew

In the Year A (2011, 2014, etc.) in the Catholic Church’s lectionary of Scripture readings for Mass, the Gospel passage almost every Sunday is taken from St. Matthew.

Cycle B: The Gospel of Mark

In the Year B (2012, 2015, etc.) in the Catholic Church's lectionary of Scripture readings for Mass, the Gospel of St. Mark is featured prominently.

Cycle C: The Gospel of Luke

In the Year C (2010, 2013, etc.) of the Catholic Church's lectionary of Scripture readings for Mass, the Gospel passage almost every Sunday is taken from St. Luke.
 Family Resources

Family, Faith, and Fun

Catholic family life is an opportunity to recognize the grace of God in daily living. In our Family, Faith, and Fun section you will find activities and ideas on how to nurture your family's faith.

Saints Stories for Kids

Children today need positive role models more than ever. Saint stories for kids are a great way to introduce children to positive role models. Find a list of saint biographies and inspiration stories on our Saint Stories for Kids page.


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