Together for Eternity

A Reflection by Jake Martin, SJ

Getting bogged down in my own fears and concerns can distort my perspective; I wind up looking at the world in relation to what I can get, while trying to protect what I already have. This distorted view makes doing God’s will secondary to doing my own. At the beginning of the day and throughout the day—especially when I find myself getting consumed by my own fears and wants— I ask God: “How can I be helpful?” I find that this tends to move me out of self-centeredness and fear and into a place where I am free and able to do God’s will.

Jake Martin, SJ

Jake Martin, SJ

Jake Martin, SJ, author of What’s So Funny About Faith, is a Jesuit comedian and writer from Chicago. He is a regular contributor to America magazine and Busted Halo and recently performed a one-man show at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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