God desires inner freedom for us


God wants us to be our true selves—joyous, aware and living each moment to the fullest...

When we are free, we have freedom to love, freedom for service, and freedom to be in an intimate relationship and dialogue with the God who leads each of us toward life. God desires inner freedom for us:

• To grow in self-knowledge to become more aware of my authentic self and to live out of that authenticity.

• To see myself through the loving eyes of God.

• To accept loving relationships.

• To grow in friendship with Jesus.

• To follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

• To discover what God is asking of me.

• To respond open-heartedly to God’s invitation.

• To enter into a right relationship with all of God’s creation.

• To clearly look at myself and the world around me, rejecting evil and rejoicing in virtue.

• To actively work for peace, justice and compassion.

• To respond generously to those most in need.

• To become a disciple