Real faith offers real help


St. Ignatius believed that reflection leads to gratitude and gratitude leads to service. Helping young minds open up to the world is a glorious way to serve God...

Ignatian Spirituality is most fully expressed in the Spiritual Exercises. The final exercise, the Contemplation for Attaining God’s Love, begins with two important introductory comments: The first is that love ought to manifest itself “in deeds rather than in words” and the second reminds us that love consists in a “mutual sharing of goods.” Love of God doesn’t simply mean feeling right with God; it will require us to go out into the world to show our love in what we do and how we do it. It is not just about offering charity, it involves us in acts of radical compassion.

Our faith must do justice and is fueled by the realization that there can be no true expression of faith where concerns for justice and human dignity are lacking. We have, as a beloved former General of the Jesuits once said, “a planet to heal.