Care Jars

Activity Objective

To help the children express their care and respect for each other

Lesson Outcome

By creating Care Jars for each person in the group, the children will express their care and respect for one another and recognize the importance of each person in their group.


  • Clean, medium-size jars (such as pickle jars) or plastic cups?one per person
  • Stick-on labels
  • Small note-size pieces of paper
  • Pens or pencils


  • Prior to the session, write the names of each person in your group on one of the labels and attach one label to each jar or cup.
  • Place the jars or cups in a prominent place in the room.
  • As you gather for your final session of the year, invite the children to reflect on the good qualities they have experienced in each other throughout the year.
  • Give each child enough note-size pieces of paper so that they have one for each person in the group. Provide a few extra copies if needed.
  • Explain that each person has contributed in a significant way to what the group has done throughout the year and to the personal growth that everyone has experienced.
  • Ask the children to think of each person in the group and write down one positive characteristic they have seen in that person or write a short note of encouragement to them.
  • Give them enough time to write a short note to each person.
  • When they have finished the notes, ask them to fold them in half and place each one in the corresponding jar or cup so that each person will get the note written for them.
  • End the activity by praying a short thanksgiving prayer for each person in the group and giving each person his or her jar or cup.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


If your group has developed truly good relationships over the year, encourage them to sign their notes. Then suggest to the children that as they read the notes, they should pray for the person who wrote each one.


If there are any serious personality conflicts in your group, allow time to read the notes (to be sure they are appropriate) before giving the jars to each child.