Program Overview

Program Overview

God Made Everything is a complete early childhood program developed for God's youngest followers.

Program features

  • Scripture is integrated into faith content of each lesson
  • Incorporates the spiral curriculum
  • Parent and family resources connect family and faith
  • Colorful art, engaging photos, and music capture young children’s attention
  • Variety of prayers invite personal and communal prayer
  • Parish religious education and Catholic school needs are met using the same Student Book

The God Made Everything series has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism.

Scope and Sequence: Age 3

Scope and Sequence: Age 4

God Made Everything Program Components

Each developmentally appropriate curriculum is carefully planned so that, at completion, the children are ready to continue their faith journey into first grade and beyond.

God Made Everything Children's Books

God Made Me, Age 3
Through this curriculum, three-year-olds understand that God created them and made them good, happy, active, and special. The children’s own abilities serve as the central springboard for each chapter.

God Made the World, Age 4
Four-year-olds learn that God made living things including people, holy things, the earth, and wonderful surprises. A unique aspect of God’s creation is the main focus of each chapter.

  • Active learning reinforces chapter concepts as the children talk, move, play games, color, cut, glue, draw, or create to express themselves and their ideas.
  • Life and faith are celebrated as children have fun learning about special season and days with activities.
  • Family Time is a feature at the end of each chapter that provides essential tools to help parents guide their child and help families live their faith together.
  • The Family Activity Booklet is a free resource provided with additional support and family time fun. Family members can reference activities, poems, and songs learned in the preschool program.
  • Parish religious education and Catholic school needs are met using the same student book.

God Made Everything Catechist's Manuals

  • Flexible scheduling options for parish religious education and Catholic school classes
  • Clear learning outcomes and child development background for teaching success
  • Music ‘n Motion CD is supported by professional development articles and guidance in its use
  • Scripture cards that adapt Scripture to make it comprehensible to young children
  • Resources and support for successful Parent-Catechist Meeting