Finding God Faith in Action Projects

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Finding God Faith in Action Projects

Faith in Action is a concluding feature in each unit of Finding God for junior high. It provides suggestions for ways the young people can put into practice what they have learned.

Each project suggestion provides a number of possibilities and is loosely structured so that it can be adapted to the needs of your group. 

On this Web page you will find links to further resources for each project, including more project ideas and resources to plan your prayer service for each unit.

More Project Ideas

Ideas and links to prepare for, develop, or implement the outreach projects

At the start of each unit, you will find a quote about the Catholic Social Teaching relevant to the outreach projects for that unit. In addition, there is a sidebar with Catholic Social Teaching resources on each Web page.

In this section, each project is listed with suggested resources for the project or further suggestions on how to implement the project. Use this information to get ideas, network with other organizations, or provide background information for the young people. In some cases, links to other Web sites are provided as a convenience for the catechist.*

Resources for Planning Unit Prayer Services

Planning Worksheet and prayer services related to the outreach projects for the conclusion of each unit

The Catechist Guide suggests that the young people plan a prayer service at the completion of each project. This is an opportunity for them to express their gratitude to God and their hopes for the people with or for whom they worked.

In this section, each unit is listed with a prayer service specifically designed for that unit. The prayer services follow a standard pattern but can be adapted to fit your goals and the young people's project experience.

For each unit prayer service, two documents are available to download: the prayer service Leader's Guide (includes instructions on how to plan and implement the prayer service) and the script for the prayer service (this document can be freely edited or printed as is). 

In addition, a Prayer Service Planning Worksheet is available to facilitate your planning.

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