Parents and Students

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Parents and Students

Many components of Finding God: Our Response to God's Gifts are specifically designed to nurture and support the faith lives of families. In addition to the printed resources available to support families, look here for online resources specifically for Finding God families.

Living My Faith

Grade 1 (English)

Grade 1 (Spanish)

Grade 2 (English)

Grade 2 (Spanish)

Grade 3 (English)

Grade 3 (Spanish)

Grade 4 (English)

Grade 4 (Spanish)

Grade 5 (English)

Grade 5 (Spanish)

Grade 6 (English)

Grade 6 (Spanish)

Raising Faith-Filled Kids

Grade 1 (English)

Grade 1 (Spanish)

Grade 2 (English)

Grade 2 (Spanish)

Grade 3 (English)

Grade 3 (Spanish)

Grade 4 (English)

Grade 4 (Spanish)

Grade 5 (English)

Grade 5 (Spanish)

Grade 6 (English)

Grade 6 (Spanish)