Junior High Home-Learning Guide

Junior High Home-Learning Guide

The Finding God for junior high Home-Learning Guide provides you with an opportunity to work with your junior high child, using the Finding God Young Person's Book, to grow together in faith. Whether you are doing home catechesis with your children or are seeking to be more deeply involved in their faith growth, the Home-Learning Guide will give you the tools you need.

The Home-Learning Guide can assist you if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • In cooperation with your parish director of religious education, you have chosen to work onFinding God for junior high lessons with your child at home as part of the religious education program.
  • Because of travel, illness, or injury, your child misses parish religious education sessions, and you wish to work with him or her at home in the interim.

Each of the following links opens a printable PDF with instructions covering both Following Jesus and Celebrating Church books in a two-column format. Download the appropriate PDF for each unit as needed.

Finding God for junior high Home-Learning Guide
Unit One (includes Chapters 1-5)
Unit Two (includes Chapters 1-5)
Unit Three (includes Chapters 1-5)
Unit Four (includes Chapters 1-5)
Unit Five (includes Chapters 1-5)