Children's Book

Children's Book


Catechetically rich and Christ-focused throughout, the Finding God Kindergarten Children’s Book uses beautiful images, thoughtful prayer, and engaging activities to help young children understand, experience, and express their budding faith as they begin a lifelong journey of discipleship. Every page is interactive and accommodates different stages of development and learning styles.

Employing the Engage, Explore, Reflect, Respond steps used in Finding God for the older grades, the kindergarten program involves the whole child: mind, heart, body, and soul.

Children's Books (1-6)

The Children’s Book features Catholic content shared in a rich context with beautiful Catholic art, thoughtful prayers, and engaging activities and experiences that will draw children in to fully learn, experience, and express their faith. Every session creates an environment in which children connect and further develop Catholic identity and literacy.

Young People’s Books (7-8)

By sharing the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith through prayer, Scripture, articles, and relevant experience, Finding God reaches young people at this unique time of growth in their lives. Features such as Where Do I Fit In, Past and Present, and What’s What relate to young people and help them reflect upon and recognize God’s presence in their world. By connecting with young people, Finding God helps form lifelong disciples of Jesus.

Interactive Digital Student Edition: The digital edition is accessible online and allows students to highlight, make notes, and write responses. Students can access the book from anywhere on any device with web access. Click here to learn more.

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