Finding God Kindergarten (Ages 4-6)

Jesus famously told his disciples not to hinder future disciples—the "little children"—from coming to him. Loyola Press has always taken this charge seriously. It was with little children in mind that Finding God Kindergarten was created. This compelling program honors the spirituality of little children and their ability to learn complex concepts when presented in ways that are friendly and proven to work with four-to-six-year-olds. With active-learning opportunities on every page of the program, children are always engaged and fully immersed in the rich content of their faith.

Program Components

Warm and inviting, yet soundly grounded in Scripture, Church Tradition, and multiple forms of prayer, Finding God Kindergarten provides everything needed to inspire children's faith formation and guide them into a lifelong, personal relationship with Christ. Developmentally-appropriate content and faith experiences for young children are paired with easy-to-use catechist materials to develop a comprehensive and engaging program.

  • Children's Book: Always Christ-centered, the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith is shared in ways most appropriate for young learners. Every page is interactive!
  • Jesus the Teacher, a Plush Figure: This soft and inviting plush figure is featured in every session as part of instruction, prayer, and listening activities. One figure included with each Catechist Guide.
  • Exploring Faith Through Art: 25 age-appropriate works of art are featured on an easel, allowing children to explore their faith through the beauty of well-known and beloved fine art.
  • Scripture Stories, Songs, Reflective Music, and Guided Reflections CDs: Dramatized recordings of scripture stories bring the Bible to life. The songs and reflective tracks reflect the simultaneous diversity and unity of the Catholic Church. Guided reflections mentor children to live a life of prayer.

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