Director Resources & DVD

Director Resources & DVD

Program Director Guide

The Program Director Guide provides directors of sacramental preparation with all the tools necessary to plan and implement a successful, spiritually enriching sacramental-preparation program for catechists, children, and families.

Available in English and Spanish versions


  • Helps directors plan and organize parent orientation, parent/child retreats, and sacramental meetings.
  • Additional resources including handouts, invitations, certificates, reminder letters, and more.
  • Offers insightful tips for catechist formation, as well as suggestions for using the components in a variety of ways.

Director Resource DVD: Preparing Together for the Sacraments

In addition to the DVD Series, this powerful resource provides three tracks that invite children and adults into conversation about their faith.

Each DVD offers three segments in English and Spanish:

  • A Tour of the Church helps viewers understand and appreciate the sacredness of the sanctuary.
  • Your Role at Mass clearly explains the elements of the Mass.
  • Ritual Matters helps parents appreciate how rituals in everyday life connect to sacramental life.

Included with the DVD is a Leader Guide. This booklet helps leaders guide children and adults into a deeper understanding of the sacraments.

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