Children Components

Children Components

A child with special needs might learn best in a certain setting and also might learn best at a level or pace that is different from peers. Adaptive Finding God takes these learning situations into account and provides a customizable program, with flexible options for settings, ranging from one-on-one to group catechesis. Adaptive Finding God responds to individual needs with lessons that follow and spring from the strong foundation of Finding God.

Lesson Cards are organized by the core Finding God unit themes and are ideal for one-on-one catechesis. Additional supplemental Lesson Cards are available for sacramental preparation.

Finding God Grades 1-8 core curriculum is used when adapting the grade-level program, either for one-on-one or for group catechesis. Finding God is available for purchase individually or as part of a typical school or parish classroom order.

Loyola Learning Tools™ provide children with opportunities to learn and express their faith in ways that suit their personal learning style because teaching to strengths makes a difference for any child. The program’s flexibility means the Learning Tools can be comfortably shared by up to four catechists and children.

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