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2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

A vibrant prayer life unfolds when we regularly open ourselves to inspiration and God’s grace. 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days provides a daily prayer experience to help us build and nurture our faith.

Beginning with the start of the church year in Advent 2019 and continuing through the 2020 calendar year, this daily devotional notes major feast days, saint commemorations, and holidays. Each page combines readings from the Scripture of the day with reflections to provide a few minutes of solace for quiet prayer and meditation. 2020: A Book of Grace-Filled Days is an accessible and insightful way to deepen our connection to God’s loving presence and fill each day with grace.

PB | 978-0-8294-4694-4 | $14.95

365 días acompañados por los santos

Las vidas de los santos, que a lo largo de los siglos han servido de inspiración a tantos, nos siguen inspirando hoy, pues aunque con el paso del tiempo el mundo haya cambiado, el espíritu humano sigue siendo el mismo. Deje que el ejemplo de estos maravillosos seres humanos lo acompañe cada día y sus vidas sirvan de guía para la suya.

365 días acompañados por los santos lo sorprenderá cada día. Siguiendo el santoral, presenta los acontecimientos más importantes de la vida de un santo del día, ofrece una reflexión sobre cómo su mensaje se puede aplicar a nuestra realidad hoy y nos hace un llamado a la acción.

Spanish: PB | 978-0-8294-4857-3 | $14.95

Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2020

Prayer is the raising of our hearts and minds to God. It is a holy and sacred experience open to everyone. We do not need to be experts in prayer to enjoy the opportunity to grow in prayerful awareness of our friendship with God. Sacred Space: The Prayer Book can lead us into a life of prayer and, in doing so, inspire new expressions and depths of faith.

Sacred Space: The Prayer Book is designed to help you stay faithful to your intention to deepen your spiritual journey. It is the perfect gift for your parish, campus ministry program, small group, friend, family member, or yourself.
PB | 978-0-8294-4896-2 | $16.95

Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2019-20

Advent, a joyful time of preparation for the birth of Jesus, can be further enriched with Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2019-20, which invites readers to develop a closer relationship with God during this season of preparation and anticipation. Throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons, each day includes a Scripture reading and points of reflection, as well as a weekly topic enhanced by six steps of prayer and reflection.

PB | 978-0-8294-4894-8 | $3.95

Sacred Space for Lent 2020

Lent, a holy time of introspection and penance in preparation for the passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ, can be further enriched with Sacred Space for Lent 2020. This book provides a Scripture reading and points of reflection for each day of the season of Lent, as well as a weekly topic enhanced by six steps of prayer and meditation. With its small size and meaningful message, Sacred Space for Lent is a simple way to build a richer relationship with God and embrace the Lenten season as a sacred space.
PB | 978-0-8294-4898-6 | $3.95

The Adaptive Teacher

Firmly planted in the Good News, The Adaptive Teacher: Faith-Based Strategies to Reach and Teach Learners with Disabilities will teach novice and veteran educators alike how to maximize the effectiveness of lessons to the benefit of all learners with concrete strategies that can be implemented in the classroom tomorrow. This guide for teachers and catechists makes a great addition to courses covering pedagogical practice.  

PB | 978-0-8294-4516-9 | $16.95

Small Simple Ways

In Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living, author, editor, and retreat leader Vinita Hampton Wright offers her trademark compassion and encouragement to lift readers up and help propel them forward. Covering the 52 weeks of the year structured into four-week sections, this book focuses on principles of spiritual growth as taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola, including God in All Things, Spiritual Freedom, Imagination, and Reflection. Each day connects to a specific aspect or action of a healthy spiritual life to help you step into your future with good, healthy spiritual habits.

PB | 978-0-8294-4541-1 | $14.95

Enough as You Are

Enough as You Are shares the personal experience of author Peggy Weber doubting herself and discovering that she is enough; that we all are enough for God's love. Each chapter includes anecdotes and life lessons for readers, as well as some "Saintly Inspiration" to help us continue recognizing that we are enough. Each chapter also includes a guided Examen and practical ways to put this discovered truth of value into practice.

This is the perfect book for women searching to rediscover their own self-worth and tune out the voices of self-doubt and insecurity while tuning into the truth that we are all created and loved by God, and that is enough.
PB | 978-0-8294-4709-5 | $13.95

Sharing the Wisdom of Time

One day, while at prayer, Pope Francis was inspired to shine a light on the vital role of grandparents and other elders and the life-changing wisdom they have to share.

Sharing the Wisdom of Time is the culmination of that vision. In picture and word, elders from over 30 countries share their wisdom carved from lifetimes of experience. Every story is a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, human resilience, and love that will inspire conversations and reflections among readers of all generations about the value we all bring to the world. Features stories from over 90 people.
HC | 978-0-8294-4622-7 | $29.95

On Faith

On Faith is a collection of the Pope’s inspiring words on the transforming power of faith. Drawing on examples from the Old and New Testaments, as well as examples from his own life of faith, On Faith acts as a useful resource to offer those who feel their faith being challenged or depleted. This book will bring encouragement direct from Pope Francis into the lives of all who read it.

ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4862-7 | $12.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4864-1 | $12.95

On Hope

On Hope explores the wisdom of Pope Francis’s understanding of trust in God and the beauty of having hope no matter how dark or confusing our situation. This award-winning book is Pope Francis at his most intimate and inspiring.

ENGLISH: HC | 978-0-8294-4643-2 | $12.95
SPANISH: HC | 978-0-8294-4649-4 | $12.95
On Hope

Embracing the Way of Jesus

At its core, Christianity is about living—and loving—as committed disciples of Jesus Christ. A curated collection of homilies and other writings by Pope Francis, Embracing the Way of Jesus demonstrates that Christianity is a way of life—or, as the earliest Christians would have understood it, “the Way.” Through the Pope’s meditations on Scripture, we pause to consider essential aspects of discipleship such as The Way of the Cross, The Way of Prayer, The Way of Children, The Way of the Poor, and more.

HC | 978-0-8294-4466-7 | $22.95
PB | 978-0-8294-4489-6 | $16.95

Embracing the Way of Jesus

Walking with Jesus

In Walking with Jesus: A Way Forward for the Church, Pope Francis’s own words lead us to understand more clearly what the Church should be moving toward. Francis urges us to make Jesus central in our individual lives and in the collective life of the Church. Each chapter of this book helps us put one foot in front of the other as we move ever closer to God and to our neighbors through the sacraments, prayer, evangelization, the gifts of the Spirit, and service to others.

HC | 978-0-8294-4248-9 | $22.95
PB | 978-0-8294-4254-0 | $16.95

The Joy of Discipleship

In The Joy of Discipleship, Pope Francis reminds us that joy should be one of the defining characteristics of any person who has truly encountered Jesus. Covering a broad range of themes—Christ’s Resurrection, mercy, wealth and poverty, the Christian family, and more—The Joy of Discipleship moves us to meditate on Christ and then inspires us to move out from our own four walls, jubilantly proclaiming God’s transforming love in word and deed.

HC | 978-0-8294-4387-5 | $22.95
PB | 978-0-8294-4431-5 | $16.95

The Joy of Discipleship

The Church of Mercy

The Church of Mercy is the first Vatican-authorized book detailing the vision Pope Francis has for the Catholic Church. From how to be citizens of the world to answering God’s call for evangelization, Pope Francis’s deep wisdom emphasizes that the Church must move beyond its own walls and joyfully bring God’s mercy wherever suffering, division, or injustice exists.

HC | 978-0-8294-4168-0 | $22.95
PB | 978-0-8294-4170-3 | $16.95

The Church of Mercy

Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads

Since his election, Pope Francis’s actions contradict behaviors expected of a modern leader. Chris Lowney shows how the Pope’s words and deeds reveal spiritual principles that have prepared him to lead the Church and influence our world.

HC | 978-0-8294-4008-9 | $22.95
PB | 978-0-8294-4091-1 | $16.95

Pope Francis: Life and Revolution

What sets Pope Francis: Life and Revolution apart from all other biographies of Pope Francis is the careful research and original investigation behind it, along with the fact that it is written by an internationally respected journalist—Elisabetta Piqué—who has remained close to the Pope since first meeting him back in 2001. Insights from over 75 individuals, including the Pope’s friends and family, allow us to see a profoundly personal side of the Pope. His humility and humanity, courage and conviction, and warmth and wisdom are revealed as Piqué shares little-known episodes from Francis’s life.

ENGLISH: HC | 978-0-8294-4213-7 | $22.95
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4217-5 | $16.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4215-1 | $16.95

Ignatian Pedagogy

Ignatian Pedagogy is an essential resource to enhance courses in history or education and to enlighten those who serve in Jesuit institutions of education, as well as those simply seeking to appreciate the origins, development, and contemporary understandings of Jesuit education. Ignatian Pedagogy chronicles how the Society of Jesus responded to the significant opportunities and challenges their educational apostolates faced through the centuries. Commissioned by the Secretariat for Education of the Society of Jesus.
HC | 978-0-8294-4595-4 | $49.95
Ignatian Pedagogy

A Jesuit Education Reader

A Jesuit Education Reader is a collection of the best contemporary writing on the mission, challenge, and state of Jesuit education. This anthology makes a unique addition to course reading material for preparing future educators or a resource for new staff to Jesuit institutions of education, with its offering of 35 essays written by a veritable “Who’s Who” of educators and writers.
PB | 978-0-8294-2722-6 | $24.95
 A Jesuit Education Reader

More Than a Dream

The Cristo Rey Jesuit High School story is one of the more improbable and inspiring educational success stories. Beginning with a dream to start a new college prep school for the children of Hispanic working poor—the Jesuits in Chicago set to work. More Than a Dream is an excellent gift to faculty and staff at your Jesuit institution to provide a more in-depth look at the mission work of the Jesuits’s educational apostolates.
HC | 978-0-8294-2576-5 | $22.95
 More Than a Dream

They Made All the Difference

Share with the faculty, staff, and students at your institution the stories of notable Jesuit alumni who make Jesuit high schools so great with They Made All the Difference, which includes singer/actor Harry Connick Jr. and the late journalist Tim Russert. This book is a great read for freshman seminars or recommended reading to prepare incoming students for their experience in Jesuit higher education.
HC | 978-0-8294-2168-2 | $19.95
They Made All the Difference

What Is Ignatian Spirituality?

What Is Ignatian Spirituality? is a highly accessible summary of the key elements of the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. A fitting resource for students and faculty new to Jesuit tradition and Ignatian spirituality, author David Fleming, SJ, offers insight on contemplative prayer, discernment, and what it means to be actively involved in service and mission.
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-2718-9 | $12.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-3883-3 | $12.95
What Is Ignatian Spirituality?

Ignatian Spirituality A to Z

In Ignatian Spirituality A to Z, author Jim Manney provides brief, informative, and entertaining explanations of key concepts and buzz words of Ignatian spirituality and the essential characters and events in Jesuit history. Its lexicon format and compact size make it the ideal reference guide for faculty and staff, as well as students, seeking a better understanding of the Jesuit and Ignatian way of life.
PB | 978-0-8294-4598-5 | $14.95
Ignatian Spirituality A to Z

An Ignatian Spirituality Reader

A collection of the finest short essays on Ignatian spirituality and its founder St. Ignatius of Loyola, An Ignatian Spirituality Reader will be of particular interest to those actively involved in Jesuit ministry. Compiled by George W. Traub, SJ, the writers of these essays include Howard Gray, SJ; William A. Barry, SJ; Dennis Hamm, SJ; and many others.
PB | 978-0-8294-2723-3 | $18.95
An Ignatian Spirituality Reader

The Ignatian Workout

An excellent resource for busy faculty, staff, and students, The Ignatian Workout presents a dynamic program of spiritual “workouts” based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to foster balance and a healthy faith life within even the fullest schedules. The 4-week program created by Tim Muldoon is designed for reading, reflection, and prayer to guide readers to spiritual well-being.
PB | 978-0-8294-1979-5 | $14.95
The Ignatian Workout

A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer

St. Ignatius told the early Jesuits that the Examen was the most important prayer, even if they could pray it for only a moment. Jim Manney introduces all readers, no matter their prayer style, to this 500-year-old form of prayer that dramatically altered his own understanding of prayer and how to pray. A great resource to use for incorporating prayer into meetings and campus retreats, A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer will aid all in developing a habit of meditative reflection attuned to God’s presence.
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-3535-1 | $9.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4389-9 | $9.95
A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer

Reimagining the Ignatian Examen

The Examen is a founding principle of Ignatian spirituality, but what if St. Ignatius felt like changing it up a bit? Renowned speaker and author, Mark Thibodeaux, SJ, is confident that St. Ignatius wouldn’t mind a little flexibility in his prayer. Perfect for leading guided meditations on retreats, during days of reflections, or to open a meeting in a prayerful way, Reimagining the Ignatian Examen offers thematic variations on this 500-year-old prayer to meet any need.
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4244-1 | $12.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4512-1 | $12.95
 Reimagining the Ignatian Examen

Praying with Ignatius of Loyola

Praying with Ignatius of Loyola offers an entry point for readers to understand the life of St. Ignatius and the principles of Ignatian spirituality with quotes, reflection questions, and prayers. Authors Bergan and Schwan make Ignatian spirituality available to everyone and enriches an active, contemporary life with spiritual support and direction.
PB | 978-0-8294-4352-3 | $12.95
Praying with Ignatius of Loyola

Jesuits Telling Jokes

Using Jesuit jocularity, Jesuits Telling Jokes introduces readers to the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)—how they began, who they are, and what they do. Each chapter opens with a humorous cartoon that illuminates one aspect of the Jesuits, followed by brief but insightful explanations of an Ignatian principle or practice. A meaningful and accessible resource for those unfamiliar with the mission and spiritual practice of the Jesuits and a refreshing review for those who have worked with the Jesuits for years, Jesuits Telling Jokes is a fitting resource for all readers interested in the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality.
PB | 978-0-8294-4373-8 | $10.95
Jesuits Telling Jokes

An Invitation to Love

Beloved spiritual director and best-selling author of A Friendship Like No Other, William A. Barry, SJ, continues to guide spiritual seekers in An Invitation to Love. This retreat-in-a-book can be utilized for group retreats or personal practices with its practical and adaptable sequence of prayer sessions focused on the Great Commandment of the Christian faith: to love God and love our neighbor. Written from decades of experience accompanying others in prayer, this book will enrich any campus ministry program.
PB | 978-0-8294-4667-8 | $14.95
 An Invitation to Love

The Ignatian Adventure

As one who works in higher education, Kevin O’Brien, SJ, has a personal understanding of the importance of resources that serve the spiritual needs of faculty, staff, and students in higher education. His book, The Ignatian Adventure, fills a spiritual need while respecting the very full schedules of faculty, staff, and students alike. With personal anecdotes and accessible meditations, O’Brien provides a resource for all to pray the 19th Annotation amidst the duties of daily life without sacrificing its spiritual significance. The Ignatian Adventure is ideal for small groups to pray the Exercises together on campus or an individual seeking a deeper life of prayer.
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-3577-1 | $14.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-4520-6 | $14.95
The Ignatian Adventure

Inner Compass

Written for lay people by best-selling Ignatian spirituality author Margaret Silf, Inner Compass is a practical and experience-based guide to greater self-knowledge and spiritual awareness through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This updated edition features a new introduction and personal invitation to the reader, a greatly expanded resource section, and a new design aimed at a new generation of spiritual readers.
PB | 978-0-8294-2645-8 | $14.95
Inner Compass

Compass Points

In Compass Points, Margaret Silf enables us to see the Divine in our daily lives. Through short but powerful meditations rooted in Ignatian spirituality and vignettes based on her own authentic spiritual experiences, Silf reveals the interior process of Ignatian mindfulness. By joining Silf on her journey through real life in the real world, our eyes, minds, and hearts are opened to the Divine experience, and we come to recognize God’s active presence in everything that we do.
PB | 978-0-8294-2810-0 | $13.95
 Compass Points

An Ignatian Book of Days

A meaningful gift to give year-after-year for faculty, staff, or students, An Ignatian Book of Days is the only 365-daily prayer book written explicitly from the point of view of Ignatian spirituality. Accessible, inviting, and rewarding, it’s filled with insights and reflections from favorite Ignatian leaders, including James Martin, SJ; Predro Arrupe, SJ; Margaret Silf; and of course, St. Ignatius of Loyola.
PB | 978-0-8294-4145-1 | $12.95
 An Ignatian Book of Days

Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire contains hundreds of Ignatian prayers, many written by the most illustrious Jesuits—Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Anthony de Mello, Karl Rahner, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and many more. This collection includes Ignatian prayers for all occasions that are organized by theme within the weeks of the 19th Annotation. Its size also makes it ideal for having a guide for prayer whenever and wherever the need may be.
PB | 978-0-8294-2120-0 | $12.95
 Hearts on Fire

Ignatian Humanism

Renaissance humanism had a huge impact on Ignatian spirituality and the Society of Jesus in the 16th Century. In Ignatian Humanism, author Ronald Madras outlines the characteristics of Renaissance humanism and its influence on the principles and spiritual practice of the Jesuits. With its compelling biographies of Matteo Ricci, Friederich Spee, Karl Rahner, Pierre Theilhard de Chardin, and Pedro Arrupe, Modras offers an excellent resource to supplement course reading in the subjects of history, philosophy, and theology.
PB | 978-0-8294-1986-3 | $16.95
 Ignatian Humanism

Jesuit Saturdays

William J. Bryon, SJ, has been a Jesuit for more than 55 years and notably spoke at the 2017 World Union of Jesuit Alumni Congress in Ohio to continue to inspire people educated in the Jesuit tradition all over the world. In Jesuit Saturdays, Byron shares with joy and openness the stories and experiences of his Jesuit journey, so that those who work in Jesuit institutions and are educated by the Jesuits can see what it really is that inspires and motivates Jesuits to do what they do.
PB | 978-0-8294-2712-7 | $14.95
 Jesuit Saturdays

What’s Your Decision?

What’s Your Decision? is a highly practical books focused on offering a spiritual resource for effective decision making that is beneficial to adults of all ages, even more so the young adults studying at the higher education level. What’s Your Decision? will help all readers understand that a good decision is preceded by a God decision, which is when we first invite God into the decision-making process.
PB | 978-0-8294-3148-3 | $10.95
 What’s Your Decision?

Living Against the Grain

Author Tim Muldoon uses his experience working in higher education and counseling countless young adults during times of transition to offer this field-tested strategy in Living Against the Grain. This award-winning book is an excellent resource to offer those facing a difficult time of transition to help them discern their deepest desires and discover their true purpose in and for this world. Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of decision making and poses reflective questions that make Living Against the Grain both personal and practical.
PB | 978-0-8294-4503-9 | $14.95
Living Against the Grain

Making Choices in Christ

In Making Choices in Christ, Joseph A. Tetlow, SJ, reveals how the ordinary person in modern times can embrace Ignatian spirituality through the extraordinary theology of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits. This “field guide” to living Ignatian spirituality contains 40 concise meditations exploring what Ignatian spirituality is and isn’t and what it means to live by it. Making Choices in Christ is an ideal resource to be used before or during a retreat with the Exercises, or for the layperson who is curious about the “Jesuit mystique."
PB | 978-0-8294-2716-5 | $12.95
 Making Choices in Christ

Always Discerning

In Always Discerning, Joseph A. Tetlow, SJ, shares how lay Christians can implement discernment into life’s big decisions and the everyday choices we make. Guided by Scripture, Pope Francis’s own words, and Ignatian spirituality, Fr. Tetlow helps those well acquainted with the Ignatian practice of prayerful discernment see that the dynamic interrelationship of head, heart, and hands is crucial to the decision-making process of our lives today.
PB | 978-0-8294-4456-8 | $14.95

Always Discerning


Heroic Leadership

Author and President of Santa Clara University, Kevin O’Brien, SJ, has said, “Heroic Leadership is the book on Jesuit-inspired leadership today.” To provide such a meaningful resource, best-selling and award-winning author Chris Lowney breaks down the principles of Jesuit formation and how they foster dynamic, effective leadership and achieve longevity. Heroic Leadership will build a firm foundation inspired by the Jesuits for your institution’s leaders, as well as the leaders they’re preparing for the future.
PB | 978-0-8294-2115-6 | $16.95
Heroic Leadership

Radical Compassion

Prepare students and faculty prior to service trips or inspire meaningful participation in the mission of the Jesuits with Radical Compassion. Told through the experience of Gary Smith, SJ, helping the poor in the poverty-stricken Old Town section of Portland, Oregon, this book will help those who serve others in need recognize the lessons of love, forgiveness, and acceptance that can radically change our hearts.
PB | 978-0-8294-2000-5 | $17.95
Radical Compassion

They Come Back Singing

They Come Back Singing documents the life-changing lessons author Gary Smith, SJ, learned during his six years as a missionary in Africa. Readers will recognize the power of the Holy Spirit to provide strength to those in the most difficult circumstances in this book. They Come Back Singing can supplement reading in courses that explore the impact of the past on modern progress and mass civil conflict in developing countries.
PB | 978-0-8294-2701-1 | $14.95
They Come Back Singing

Mercy in the City

One Lent, Kerry Weber decided to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy. She documents her experience in her award-winning book Mercy in the City. This extremely accessible and engaging story makes a great addition to seminar reading—as well as preparatory reading before service trips—teaching students and faculty alike that when we feel overscheduled, overworked, and not “religious enough" we can still live out mercy in a most authentic way.
PB | 978-0-8294-3892-5 | $13.95
Mercy in the City

Jesus Approaches

In Jesus Approaches, Elizabeth Kelly shares vivid stories of New Testament women whose encounters with Jesus freed them to flourish in life. Jesus Approaches will contribute much to courses in women’s studies and those that focus on the role of women in Scripture and the Church. These stories from the Bible are supplemented with moving accounts from the lives of modern women to demonstrate that women have made, and will continue to make, meaningful contributions to Church teaching, Christian ministry, and the larger framework of society.
PB | 978-0-8294-4472-8 | $16.95

God with Us

God with Us is an invitation to read about the acts and words of Jesus from the original source and written in modern language. The most representative passages of the Gospels have been organized to provide a biblically based biography and compelling story. Questions for discussion and meditation are provided making this book ideal for seminars and staff reading groups, as well as supplemental reading to enrich New Testament courses.
PB | 978-0-8294-4807-8 | $12.95

The Stories of the Old Testament

To read and understand the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, is a daunting challenge for most Catholics. Jim Campbell’s The Stories of the Old Testament turns this otherwise intimidating task into an eminently achievable and highly enjoyable journey. Campbell gently leads readers through the Old Testament and provides a guide for each reading, as well as dozens of short supplemental essays that supply the background and commentary needed to properly understand the Bible from Genesis to Malachi.
PB | 978-0-8294-2470-6 | $14.95
 The Stories of the Old Testament

Exploring the Gospels

In this series, preeminent biblical scholar Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, helps laypeople understand the riches
of the Gospels and the Pauline letters. These quick-moving yet insightful books provide a thoughtful
introduction to the Evangelists. Special attention is given to a narrative analysis that includes key
concepts and themes that develop as the stories of Jesus’ ministry and the early Christians unfold.
Meeting St. Matthew Today
PB | 978-0-8294-2914-5 | $12.95
Meeting St. Mark Today
PB | 978-0-8294-2915-2 | $12.95
Meeting St. Luke Today
PB | 978-0-8294-2916-9 | $12.95
Meeting St. John Today
PB | 978-0-8294-2917-6 | $12.95
Meeting St. Paul Today
PB | 978-0-8294-2734-9 | $14.95

 Exploring the Gospels

Little Lessons from the Saints

In Little Lessons from the Saints, Burnham skips the typical biographies of saints and offers instead brief but powerful spiritual lessons from 52 different saints, each followed by a short meditation. Help students discover the saintliness they carry within with Little Lessons from the Saints. This brief yet meaningful resource groups its chapters under five main themes: Surrender, Freedom, Pilgrimage, Hospitality, and Loving Knowledge to make discovering the call to saintliness accessible.
PB | 978-0-8294-4501-5 | $9.95

My Life with the Saints

Witty, wryly honest, and always original, My Life with the Saints is James Martin’s story of how his life has been shaped by the saints of the Catholic Church. As a well-known Catholic figure, Fr. Martin invites readers who have been practicing their faith their entire lives and those who are just discovering the Catholic faith to join him in recognizing the power of the saints in our lives. This 10th anniversary edition also includes a new chapter that updates readers on Martin’s life over the past 10 years, from becoming a New York Times best-selling author to acting as the chaplain of The Colbert Report, and everything in between.
PB | 978-0-8294-4452-0 | $16.95
 My Life with the Saints 10th Anniversary

Saints of the Americas

Saints of the Americas captures many truly inspiring stories of American saints through “conversations” between the book’s authors and saints from North and South America. The American saints featured in this book hail from 15 countries in the Western Hemisphere—from the nations of Central and South America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. Saints of the Americas can supplement course reading on Liberation Theology and subjects focused on the history of the Church in these Western countries.
ENGLISH: PB | 978-0-8294-2480-5 | $13.95
SPANISH: PB | 978-0-8294-2479-9 | $13.95

Saint Peter

Saint Peter takes readers on a pilgrimage from Galilee to Rome—from the spot where Peter first dropped his nets to follow Jesus to the place where he gave his life out of love for his Lord. Through sound scholarship, first-hand experiences at places of pilgrimage, and spiritual reflection, Saint Peter will add historical context to New Testament courses, as well as a unique topic for seminars and staff reading groups.
PB | 978-0-8294-4260-1 | $14.95
Saint Peter

A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days

A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days features daily devotions and prayers for women. Each entry is introduced by a Scripture verse, is pointed and brief, and helps Catholic women connect their everyday concerns with God's Word in the context of their Catholic faith. This devotional is a Loyola Press best seller and continues to enrich the faith lives of women year after year.
PB | 978-0-8294-2057-9 | $12.95

On the Threshold of Transformation

As their guide through 365 meditations, Fr. Richard Rohr helps men find healing, wholeness, and holiness. Over the manageable timeline of one year, Fr. Rohr will help men understand the importance of cultivating an emotionally honest relationship with God. On the Threshold of Transformation is a great gift book from a well-known resource for Catholic spiritual tradition that will inspire the men who receive it.
PB | 978-0-8294-3302-9 | $14.95

The William G. Storey Collection

This leatherette collection curated by best-selling author and renowned liturgist William G. Storey contains some of the best traditional devotions to assist in daily prayer throughout the liturgical year. This affordable collection of leather-bound books is the perfect companion for any spiritual journey and can enhance campus ministry collections for the use of students, faculty, and staff. Made of quality materials that travel well, you will find a William G. Storey devotional to be a helpful source of spiritual guidance wherever you are and no matter your need.
A Beginner’s Book of Prayer
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2792-9 | $9.95
A Book of Advent and Christmas Prayers
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-3901-4 | $9.95
A Book of Marian Prayers
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-3574-0 | $9.95
A Catholic Book of Hours and Other Devotions
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2584-0 | $9.95
The Little Office of Jesus and Mary
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-4372-1 | $9.95
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2161-3 | $9.95
A Prayer Book of Catholic Devotions
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2030-2 | $9.95
A Prayer Book of Eucharistic Adoration
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2906-0 | $9.95
Prayers of Christian Consolation
LEATHERETTE | 978-0-8294-2585-7 | $9.95


With a blend of masterful storytelling and dozens of practical tips, MicroShifts suggests simple, small changes across many aspects of our lives to generate big results physically, mentally, and spiritually. Sometimes we feel too overwhelmed to even start making changes, but Jansen offers just the motivation we need to make that first, microshift towards a better life. Includes a 28-Day MicroShifts Challenge, making this book perfect for seminars and staff reading groups.
PB | 978-0-8294-4536-7 | $14.95

Make Today Matter

Author Chris Lowney uses his experience as a sought after speaker on leadership, corporate ethics, and decision making to provide 10 simple habits that will help readers build a better life. The accessible writing style and meaningful message of this book makes it great for staff reads and student seminars for incoming freshman, graduating seniors, and everyone in between.
HC | 978-0-8294-4663-0 | $17.95
 Make Today Matter

Busy Lives & Restless Souls

In Busy Lives & Restless Souls, spiritual director and writer Becky Eldredge interprets principles of Ignatian spirituality in a fresh way to equip us with prayer tools that are accessible and practical within the relentless realities of our daily routines. Whether you’re a campus minister providing a resource to students or a member of the faculty and staff looking to refresh your prayer life, Busy Lives & Restless Souls helps all who sense that there is a missing peace in their lives find exactly what they need.
PB | 978-0-8294-4495-7 | $13.95

7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness

In 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness, best-selling author Joe Paprocki provides a prescription for spiritual health based on the rich wisdom of Catholic Tradition. Through his nondogmatic and inviting writing style, Paprocki helps us see the Christian faith as a spiritual path leading us to a more meaningful life. 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness will aid those feeling burnt out or disengaged with their faith, as well as those who are unfamiliar with the Catholic faith and interested in learning more.
PB | 978-0-8294-3689-1 | $12.95

The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause uses powerful stories and meditations, inspiring quotes, and a specific call to action at the end of each chapter to help us understand the profound value of slowing down in our daily lives. The Power of Pause helps campus ministers build retreats that relax and refuel faith lives, as well as helps faculty and staff find time to recharge amid their very full and hectic schedule.
HC | 978-0-8294-2862-9 | $16.95
PB | 978-0-8294-3546-7 | $12.95

With God in America

With God in America is a collection of previously unpublished writings on Ciszek’s post imprisonment life and thoughts. From Ciszek’s first days back home in the States to his final words before his death, With God in America will inspire thoughtful discussions about saintliness and how it is about honoring the ordinary, everyday aspects of life as gifts from God.
PB | 978-0-8294-4454-4 | $19.95
With God in America