Expository Writing

Use these sentence starters to help you brainstorm topics for your writing.

Discuss an animal that is on the endangered species list.

Explain the winter weather where you live.

Tell about an international or local current event.

Choose a place that interests you and describe its points of interest.

Tell about a Native American custom.

Discuss a recent scientific news event.

Choose a historical event and tell about it.

Tell about the summer activities that are available where you live.

Choose a natural wonder and discuss it.

Explain an alternative energy source.

Writing Traits for Expository Writing
Ideas Did I have a clear focus on one topic?
Organization Did I create an idea web or word web before I started writing? Did I include an interesting introduction to the topic and conclude with insights?
Voice Did I have a confident voice? Did I stick to the facts and limit my opinions?
Sentence Fluency Did I use concise sentences?
Word Choice Did I use a neutral tone?
Conventions Did I check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization?
Presentation Did I include art, such as photos or drawings?