Use these sentence starters to help you brainstorm topics for your writing.

You are waiting for your best friend to meet you at the movies, but she’s late. It’s 10 minutes after the movie started when she finally arrives. Write your conversation with her.

You and a sibling have to clean out the garage for your parents. During the cleaning, you break a window. Write about the situation and the dialogue that follows.

You are ordering an ice-cream sundae at the ice-cream shop. When you are ready to pay, you realize that you don’t have enough money. Write about the situation and a possible solution.

Jason and his friend Ethan go to the park to play soccer. While walking there, Ethan finds a wallet. Write about their discussion and how they handle this discovery.

Mia watches her sister Emma every day after school until her mom comes home. Mia wants to go to a birthday party she’s been invited to, but she knows her mom relies on her. Mia wants to discuss this with her mother. Write about their conversation.

You come home from school one afternoon to discover your yard’s gate was left open and your dog is missing. You find her an hour later, asleep on a neighbor’s porch. Write about how you look for her and whom you ask for help.

You have a conversation with your parents about why you deserve a larger allowance.

You are having dinner at a friend’s house when you taste the food and realize that you don’t like it. Write about the situation and how you handle it. Include dialogue.

You win a contest at school, and your prize is to have lunch with the principal. Set the scene and write the dialogue between you and the principal.

You invited two of your friends to camp out in your backyard for the night. Set the scene and write about the experience.

Writing Traits for Playwriting
Ideas Did my play contain well-developed characters, including a protagonist and an antagonist? Did my play have a good plot structure?
Organization Did I create a time line or an outline to organize a pattern of events? Did my play have a beginning that introduces a conflict or goal, a middle that has rising action and a climax, and a conclusion with a resolution?
Voice Did I use a natural voice?
Sentence Fluency Did I use a variety of sentence types? Did I use engaging sentences?
Word Choice Did I use deliberate word choices, such as words for humor or impact? Did I use any idioms, slang, or jargon?
Conventions Did I check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization?
Presentation Is my final copy neat and appealing?