Realistic Fiction

Use these ideas to help you brainstorm topics for your writing.

1. Jake sneaks into a run-down house to get his baseball and discovers . . .

2. Claire lets her dog out in the backyard one Saturday morning. An hour later she hears a tornado siren and remembers that Rascal is still outside.

3. Michael finds himself locked in the library after falling asleep in a cozy chair in the corner.

4. Brigitte and Emma are going for a swim one hot summer day.

5. James is accidently locked out of his house after school.

6. Keeshawn can’t find his backpack. Inside his backpack was the birthday gift for his sister. He must retrace his steps.

7. Elliot took the train with his sister Beatrice to spend a week with their grandmother in the country.

8. Angelo is flying to visit his brother at college. When he arrives, he finds that his luggage is lost.

9. It was dark and stormy. Jack was walking home . . .

10. Katelyn was riding her bike home from her friend’s house when she heard a loud . . .

Writing Traits for Realistic Fiction
Ideas Did I focus on a realistic event with realistic characters?
Organization Did I create a time line or an outline before I began writing? Did I introduce the characters and setting in the beginning, describe the problem in the body, and conclude with a solution?
Voice Did I use informal language for a natural voice?
Sentence Fluency Did I use varied sentences and include dialogue?
Word Choice Did I use vivid words?
Conventions Did I check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization?
Presentation Did I include illustrations? Is my final copy neat and appealing?