Research Report

Use these sentence starters to help you brainstorm topics for your writing.

Write about a natural disaster, such as a tornado, a tsunami, or an earthquake.

Write about wind energy or solar energy.

Write about an Olympic athlete.

Write about an important invention.

Write about the customs of Native Americans.

Write about wolves and where they live in the United States and Canada.

Write about an insect that interests you.

Write about the health benefits of certain foods.

Write about childhood obesity.

Write about the Dust Bowl or another unique period in United States history.

Writing Traits for Research Reports
Ideas Did I have a clear focus on one topic?
Organization Did I create a time line or an outline before I began writing? Did I include a thesis statement? Did I include relevant details?
Voice Did I have a confident voice?
Sentence Fluency Did I use varied sentences? Did I include quotations or statistics?
Word Choice Did I use formal language and a neutral tone?
Conventions Did I check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization?
Presentation Did I include art, such as graphs or charts? Did I include a Works Cited page?