Trickster Tale

Use these ideas to help you brainstorm topics for your writing.

1. The crocodile and the bird met where the river curved.

2. The wise, old owl sat on a branch on the oak tree next to the barn. He was watching the rat scurrying about.

3. The sleepy sloth hung upside down on a branch. A crafty monkey was swinging on nearby vines.

4. The frog was hungry. He heard a fly buzzing nearby.

5. The lion was grazing in the tall grass when he spotted an antelope.

6. The smart dolphin was gliding through the water when she met a shark.

7. Choose animals to explain how one cheated another out of food.

8. Choose animals to explain how one cheated another out of shelter.

9. Choose two different common house pets to explain how one was able to find a home.

10. Choose two different exotic animals to write about.

Writing Traits for Trickster Tales
Ideas Did I have a story that contains animals with human characteristics, an underdog that outwits, and themes about human nature?
Organization Did I create a time line or an outline to organize a pattern of events? Did my story have a beginning that introduces a problem, a middle that has rising action and a climax, and a conclusion with a resolution?
Voice Did I use a natural voice?
Sentence Fluency Did I use a variety of sentence types? Did I use dialogue to develop the characters and plot?
Word Choice Did I use special words for humor or impact?
Conventions Did I check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization?
Presentation Did I include illustrations? Is my final copy neat and appealing?