Assessment in the Grammar Classroom

Assessment is an essential component of a comprehensive grammar program. Effective assessment helps teachers plan and adjust instruction to meet student needs. Voyages in English, a comprehensive writing and grammar program published by Loyola Press, offers opportunities for informal and formal assessment.

Informal assessment, which uses quick, casual methods to check student comprehension, can be used to determine if a lesson is being delivered at an appropriate pace and to identify students who need additional assistance. Voyages in English includes features teachers can use for informal assessment. Daily Maintenance activities provide students with additional practice and give teachers an opportunity to provide immediate feedback. Warm-Up activities allow teachers to take a quick snapshot of what students know, which can help determine the depth and pace of instruction. Teachers can also use student responses to the practice exercises to determine whether to use one of the teaching options to reteach a concept or to assign a Practice Book page for additional reinforcement.

Formal assessment uses formal means such as tests and quizzes to measure student mastery of the learning objectives presented in a lesson. Like informal assessment, formal assessment can be used to determine which concepts need to be retaught. Voyages in English also includes formal assessments teachers can use. There is an Assessment Book for each grade that includes a test for each grammar section and a summative test for multiple grammar sections. New to the 2011 edition of Voyages in English is the EXAMVIEW® Test Generator. The Test Generator, which provides teachers with customizable ready-made tests, includes all the assessment questions included in the Practice Book, as well as 25 percent more assessment questions.

Informal and formal assessment is important to gauge student comprehension and helps teachers in lesson planning. Voyages in English saves teachers time by providing tools for informal and formal grammar assessment.