Managing the Writing Process

When beginning a new writing assignment, students might feel intimidated by a task they perceive to be overwhelming. You may wish to use the following tips to help students manage their time effectively throughout the writing process.

  • Map it out: Map out on the board or a bulletin board the entire writing assignment, from prewriting to publishing. This map will visually help students determine everything they will need to do to complete the assignment successfully and the time frame they have in which to complete it. Throughout the assignment, students can refer to the map to see where they are in the writing process.

  • Break it down: By using the Voyages in English Writer’s Workshops, you can break down the writing assignment into smaller, more manageable steps. Rather than anxiously worrying about the whole project, students can focus on each individual stage in the writing process.

  • Set goals: Encourage students to write clear, actionable, and measurable goals for each stage of the writing process. To help reinforce the importance of effective time management, encourage students to include a deadline for each goal. Creating goals will help students identify and implement a clear plan of action for each stage in the writing process.

  • Provide resources: In addition to the traditional paper and pencil, you may wish to provide laptops or reserve time in the computer center. Make sure students have access to appropriate references, such as dictionaries and thesauruses. Having these resources on hand will prevent students from wasting time tracking them down.

  • Celebrate success: To help students remain motivated, celebrate success, both during the Writer’s Workshop and after a piece has been published. Doing so will foster a sense of pride in students and will help motivate them during the next writing assignment.

Effective time management of the writing process and of the Voyages in English Writer’s Workshops will help students finish their writing assignments in a way that encourages them to become effective and articulate communicators.