Passion and Resurrection Intergenerational Parish Event

The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord

An Intergenerational Event

Intergenerational Faith Event

Bring your parish family together on Good Friday to celebrate, to learn, and to build community in an intergenerational event. This meaningful and enjoyable short-term commitment offers straightforward tasks that anyone can complete. It's a wonderful opportunity to involve people who may not always participate in parish activities. Parishioners of all ages can make a valuable contribution to the parish catechetical mission by assisting with the event.


The purpose of this parish-wide event is to help families grow in their understanding of Jesus' passion and Resurrection, to make a connection between parish and home, and to build community.

General Description

This hour-long event is centered on the passion and Resurrection. It brings children and adults together through a variety of activities, each related to the meaning of Jesus' passion, death, and Resurrection. As participants arrive, they are greeted and invited to choose from a variety of activity centers designed for children of various ages and ability levels (preschool through junior high). Parents, grandparents, and/or older siblings lead the children through their choice of activities and, using the background handouts provided, talk with the children about Jesus' passion and Resurrection as it relates to the activity.

This resource provides all the information needed for creating 10 Activity Centers

The Preparation Timeline provides you with the information you need to plan the event.

Prayer Service

The Prayer Service will bring closure to the Good Friday Intergenerational Event. Children will reflect on the passion of Jesus, using drama, song/recitation with actions, a Scripture reading, prayer, and veneration of the cross. You will want to conduct the service in a prayerful setting with an enthroned Bible and a cross suitable for veneration.

Easter—Resurrection Garden

At the end of the Good Friday event, each family will receive a butterfly form to decorate at home and bring to the church on Easter Sunday for the parish Resurrection Garden.