Activity Center: Meet Your Match

Activity Center: Meet Your Match

Intergenerational Event--Saints by Our Side

Intergenerational Faith Event: Saints

In this activity, participants break into teams of two. One member of the team gets assigned a saint card that he or she does not get to see. The other team member gives a hint about the identity of the saint on the card. The guesser uses the clue to pick the correct saint from a lineup of saints.

Download Meet Your Match Handout and Clues
To print:  1 per 2 attendees
Document:  2 pages

Download Meet Your Match Saint Cards (10 cards, 2 per pg)
To print:  1 card per attendee
Document:  5 pages

Download Meet Your Match Saint Posters
To print:  1 set to post
Document:  10 pages

The first download is an instructional handout for participants in this activity and a list of clues for all the saints. You will need one copy for each team. The second is a set of cards; there are 10 cards in all. Print enough so that each participant has at least one card. Finally, the third is a set of 10 posters. Each poster is a single-page version of a saint card.

For this activity center, you will need the following:

  • Saint cards with yarn loops, one per participant
  • Set of saint posters, enlarged and hung on the wall
  • Meet Your Match family handouts, one set per team
  • Markers or crayons

Display a set of saint posters so the person guessing his or her saint can review them all. Enlist one or two volunteers to pass out saint cards and activity handouts to participants. Provide a space where participants can color their saint cards.

Tips for gathering and assembling materials:

Assembling the cards (to be done before the event)
To make the saint cards, you will need the following materials:

  • Cardstock or other heavy paper
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Print several sets of saint cards. The image of the saint should be on the front of the card, and the dates and prayers should be on the back, like a baseball trading card. You can create these double-sided cards by folding a single-sided printing of the card or by using your photocopier's dual-side print function. Whichever method you use, you may wish to print these on cardstock or other sturdy paper.

When you have all the saints cards printed or assembled, punch a hole in the top two corners of each one. Tie a piece of yarn, approximately 2 feet long, through the hole, creating a sort of necklace.

Making the Posters (to be done before the event)
Most print or copy shops can enlarge the illustrations to poster size. If the illustrations aren't on stiff paper, you might want to mount them onto poster board or put them into inexpensive poster frames. To find frames online, type “plastic poster frames” into a search engine. Consider enlisting young artists to color the posters ahead of time.