Journey with Mary and Joseph Las Posadas Prayer

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A Journey with Mary and Joseph

A Child's Prayer

In my heart, Mary and Joseph, I will journey with you and others for "Las Posadas."
Carrying lanterns, we sing joyfully and walk along with brave Joseph.
He leads poor, tired Mary on her little donkey.
From house to house we go, asking to come in, to find a quiet place for the young mother who is about to give birth.
"We have no room. There's no room for you!"
On and on, we travel in hope, following an angel.
Finally, on the ninth night, on December 24, we find shelter for the holy pilgrims.
Your holy child is born in a borrowed stable.
We will feast and sing and rejoice.
The long, hard journey has ended.
This newborn child shall bring us so much joy.

from Loyola Kids Book of Everyday Prayers